Working papers and work in progress

  1. Match Quality and House Price Dispersion: Evidence from Norwegian Housing Auctions (with Arne Lyshol, Plamen Nenov and Erling Røed Larsen).
  2. Speculative bubbles in regional housing markets (with Knut Are Aastveit, Bjørnar K. Kivedal and Erling Røed Larsen).
  3. The Importance of Optimism: How do Housing Experiences impact Housing Choices? (with Knut Are Aastveit and Patrick Moran)
  4. "Behavioral changes and policy effects during Covid-19: Evidence from day-by-day sales and bid-by-bid auction logs in the housing market" (with Bjørnar K. Kivedal, Erling Røed Larsen and Leif Anders Thorsrud). Working Paper, 2020-3, Housing Lab


  1. "Price-setting and incentives in the housing market" (with Erling R. Larsen and Dag Einar Sommervold). Working Paper, 2020-1, Housing Lab. Reject and resubmit in Review of Economics and Statistics .
  2. Changing supply elasticities and regional housing booms. (with Knut Are Aastveit and Bruno Albuquerque) Working Paper, 2020-844, Bank of England. Coverage: The Economist (30 April 2020) , VoxEU (25 February 2020) , The Economist (30 January 2020) , The Economist (16 January 2020) , Marginal Revolution (15 August 2019). R&R in Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking .

Some of my recent journal publications

  1. "Asymmetric effects of monetary policy in regional housing markets" (with Knut Are Aasttveit) American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics Forthcoming
  2. "House price bubbles in the Nordic countries?" Nordic Economic Policy Review 2021, pp. 13-48 (including discussions by John Duca and Sverre Mæhlum)
  3. "Detecting imbalances in house prices: What goes up must come down?" Scandinavian Journal of Economics 2019, 121(4), pp. 1587–1619.
  4. "Testing for micro efficiency in the housing market." (with Erling R. Larsen). International Economic Review 2018, 59 (4), pp. 2133-2162
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